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Divine Sports & Entertainment, is a purpose-driven full-service agency that provides elite representation for professional athletes and collegiate athletes. Integrity and excellence is our standard. Our players are their own business entities and we provide them with tools to leave a legacy.


When we say ‘full-service’, we mean just that. Our team is devoted to each players' priorities, while focusing on the bigger picture of their brand. Each decision is made with their best interest in mind; we ensure this by educating each player on how to enhance their brand on a local and global scale.   

Our team is our family. We have an open-door policy and pride ourselves in transparent communication with our players and their families. Internally, encouraging diverse thinking and representation. Externally, partnering with non-profits to promote diversity and inclusion in the sports industry.

Strategic business development is a key component of our service. We’re committed to building genuine relationships with our players, ensuring they will be successful on and off the field. We have immense experience in negotiating contracts, advising business ventures, non-profits, foundations, taxes, accounting, and appropriate legal services.


  • I am Divine - I strive for excellence

  • I am accountable for my development - My work ethic matches my results

  • I have integrity - I stand by my word 

  • I am my brand - Perception is reality 

  • I value my career - My decisions dictate my success

  • We are our players best advocate - We educate, communicate, and negotiate

  • We are accountable - We deliver results

  • We believe in balanced lives - Faith, family, football, and philanthropy

  • We create opportunities - We position you to be successful

  • We promote inclusion - We are a family and always support one another

Culture Anchor
Values & Beliefs
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